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Fiona McArdle


Are you looking to find your voice? I want to help. I offer:
  • Regular private voice lessons

  • Occasional classical voice and operatic coaching

  • Audition or role preparation

  • Musicianship and theory lessons for ages 8-18

Lessons are held at Clayton Wesley Uniting Church in Norwood.
In lessons, you will work through exercises designed to help you build a foundation while also developing a technical toolbox from which you will be able to sing a variety of repertoire.
Even the most experienced singers still see vocal teachers, even if only for the occasional check-in. Depending on your level and goals you may wish for lessons that are weekly, semi-regularly or even once in a blue moon. To allow for this flexibility, all lesson bookings are made through Calendly and can be booked up to 90 days in advance.
If you have questions about how lessons with Fiona can help, please reach out using the contact form. 
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